Friday, October 25, 2013

Winter Enthusiasts!!

Its time once again!! Plus it's looking to be a great season. Here's a way to sell off your old stuff, and get  some new stuff at a great price! Bring in your used snowboard, bindings, boots, skis and boots before Friday October 25th. We appraise them, and then try our hardest to sell it for you. If we do, we take 30% and the rest goes to you, or even better, you get store credit for the full amount, and buy something new, that's nice and shiny. It gets better, since everything in the store is on sale, you save even more. What a Deal!

So forget about last season, its over!! Check Accuweather, check NOAA, early fall, look at the leaves, check the hair on your dog. It has snown already in New York State. Now, your part in this. All items you left with us must be picked up before November 1st, or we donate your gems to charity! So come on down guys, we'll have some food, some giveaways, we'll have our trip schedule available, looking forward to seeing you again.

Didn't get a helmet last year? Still thinking about it? Don't think their cool? We have heard it all before, only for kids! I don't fall! I don't ride fast!, they don't keep your head warm. I really don't thonk i need one! Well, think again.They look cool, better than that Pom Pom hat you have! They keep you head warm! And most of all, they keep you normal! so, no excuses. All of last years helmets Save 50% off M.S.R.P . 3 Days only!!

130 cm Super Hero Small $260/$130
135 cm Custom Small $260/$130
145 Wide cm Custom Small $260/$130
142 cm Women's Social *Restricted $370/$185
147 cm Women's Social *Restricted $370/$185
152 cm Women's Lipstick $480/$240
155 cm Process Flying-V $480/$240
157 cm Process Flying-V $480/$240
Small Wh/Violet Scribe Re:FLEX $200/$100
Medium Wh/Violet Scribe Re:FLEX $200/$100
Small Black Scribe Re:FLEX $200/$100
Medium Black Scribe Re:FLEX $200/$100
Medium Black Lexa Re:FLEX $230/$115
Medium Wh/Citron Escapade Re:FLEX $260/$130
Large Winter Blues Escapade Re:FLEX $260/$130
Small Wh/Citron Escapade EST $290/$145
Medium Wh/Citron Escapade EST $290/$145
Medium Winter Blues Escapade EST $290/$145
Large Winter Blues Escapade EST $290/$145
Sz 5 Wh/Green Women's Sapphire $200/$100
Sz 6 Wh/Green Women's Sapphire $200/$100
Sz 7 Wh/Green Women's Sapphire $200/$100
Sz 8 Wh/Green Women's Sapphire $200/$100
Sz 9 Wh/Green Women's Sapphire $200/$100
Sz 6 Gray/Blue Women's Axel $250/$125
Sz 6.5 Gray/Blue Women's Axel $250/$125
Sz 8 Black/Blue Women's Axel $250/$125
Sz 8.5 Black/Blue Women's Axel $250/$125
Sz 9 Black/Blue Women's Axel $250/$125
Sz 15 Black/Wh/Red *RestrictedRuler $220/$110
Sz 8 Blue/Navy Hail $250/$125
Sz 13 Black/Maroon Hail $250/$125
Sz 13 Ch/Black *Restricted Hail $280/$140
GNU -Board
147 cm Carbon Credit $400/$200
RIDE -Binding
Small Strawberry Women's VXN $170/$85
Medium Strawberry Women's VXN $170/$85
Small Black Women's VXN $170/$85
Medium Black Women's VXN $170/$85
Medium Chrome EX $170/$85
Large Chrome EX $170/$85
XLarge Black EX $170/$85
XLarge Chrome EX $170/$85
Sz 5 Wh/Lilac Women's Sage Boa $200/$100
Sz 6.5 Wh/Lilac Women's Sage Boa $200/$100
Sz 7 Wh/Lilac Women's Sage Boa $200/$100
Sz 7.5 Wh/Lilac Women's Sage Boa $200/$100
Sz 8 Wh/Lilac Women's Sage Boa $200/$100
Sz 8.5 Wh/Lilac Women's Sage Boa $200/$100
ROME -Board
149 cm Butter Knife $390/$195
152 cm Butter Knife $390/$195
154 cm Cross Rocket $470/$235
156 cm Cross Rocket $470/$235
158 cm Cross Rocket $470/$235
153 cm Agent Rocker $510/$255
Small Black/White Mob $190/$95
Small Black/Yellow Mob $190/$95
Large/XL Black/White 390's $250/$125
SALOMON -Binding
Small Wh/Yellow Wmn Abs Pure $200/$100
Medium Colors Arcade $180/$90
UNION -Binding
Small Magenta Women's Trilogy $200/$100
Small Black Women's Trilogy $200/$100
Large/XL Purple Force $200/$100

Subject to change. It's cold. Call for availability!

Friday, March 23, 2012

gnu goodwood is here for the girls and boys

THIS JUST IN...... 2012/13 GNU and Lib Tech Just landed in the shop!!! On the list the Danny Kass, Travis Rice, Forest Bailey Park pickle(regular and girls), Dirty Pillow, Billy Goat and carbon credit! Get them before there GONE!!!